audience - people for whom a piece of literature is written
Shayna T. - Who is the intended audience for Double Identity?
Mr. McGuire - In the story, "Joe Goes to Camp," who is the author's intended audience?

compare - How two things are alike
Laney S. - Compare Brittany and Emily. How are they the same? How are they different?

connect - Combination between the character and the story.
Scotty D. - What is the connection between the two articles?
Tommy S. - How can you connect with nat ?

contain - To hold knowledge held within the book
Kyle W. - In the book, Double Identity why does Bethany contain her feelings?
Ron White - Give details contained in the selection that explain my attitude.

contrast - How two things are different
Mr. McGuire - Contrast Jeff and Billy in the selection. Give details to support your answer.
Catherine C. - Contrast Mandy and Shing. Give full details in the box below.

define - To point out or to point to.
Mr. McGuire - How does the author define the attitude of Lucy?
Haley E. - How does the author define the meaning of catastrophic?

describe - To give an account or speech or knowledge.
Scotty D. - How can you describe Sarah's actions?
Emily S. - Describe how Kyah looks in the selection.

develop - To grow or to change.
Justin H. - Show how the main character developed in the story.
Sean C. - How do you develop a picture while reading a book?

difference - Unlike the form
Kyah H. - What is the difference between Ellie and Ashley in the selection?

effect - Something brought by a cause.
Kyle W. - In the book, Double Identity, when Bethany's parents left her, what was the effect?

emphasize - To stretch the truth
Mr. McGuire - How does the author emphasize the importance of telling the truth?

examine - To observe
Chris L. - In the selection, which of the two characters examined the boy more carefully?
Dustin C. - Examine the selection and then write a summary.

feature - A property
Jeff Foxworthy - What feature of the selection helps the reader best understand?

impact - An effect
Emily S. - What was the impact of Ashley going to the party?

indicate - To guess or show a point.
Justin H. - Indicate John's next move.
Brianna G. - Indicate what Bethany will do next in Double Identity.

infer - To conclude evidence.
Shelby C. - What can you infer will happen to Jillian in the woods?

instance - An example.
Shelby C - Give an instance that Lilly was not too happy.

position - A place of location
Anonymous - What position does the author take in the school uniform debate?

predict - Educated guess.
Collin H. - who predicted that the weather would be nice for the big race?

purpose - An aim or goal
Luke O. - What is the purpose of the story?

respond - To make a reply.
Jennie B. - How did Bob respond when Mike told him his invention was not going to work?

selection -
Emily S. - Who is the main character in this selection?

strategy - plan
Scotty D. - What is John's strategy in the selection?
Caleb F. - What is your reading strategy?

Kyle W. - How would you summarize this selection?

event - Something that happens in a story
Larry the Cable Guy - What event that happened to my grandma caused me to be embarrassed at the grocery store?

occur - To take place
Brianne H. - What occurs at the skating rink while Destiny is there?
Trevor G. - What occurred just before the wreck?

attitude - Beliefs and feelings that make people act a certain way
Chris T. - What is the main character's attitude when his brother died?
Evan K. - What is the author's attitude in the beginning of the story?

focuses - Center of interest
Dimitri H. - The author focuses on which character?
Kari W. - Name three sentences that focus on Tommy's thoughts.

symbolizes - To represent
Kyle F. - How did the author symbolize Joe's attitude?

suggest - To imply, to state, to offer
Kyle F. - Why did John suggest the book, Shadowy Waters to Jim in the story?

statements - The act of reciting
Brittany M. - What statements can you make about the book?

organized - Arranged according to a system or rule
Chris T. - How is the book organized?
Jacob T. - Why is the selection organized like this?

identify - To establish characteristics of
Alina S. - How did Dan identify his long lost sister?
Evan K. - Who was the little kid, when he was finally identified?

information - A collection of facts or data
Kari W. - What information does the passage show about Tori?

includes - Have as a part
Cody C. - Jack includes everybody except who?

supports - To sustain in a literal way
Josh P. - What idea best supports the the summary?

figurative language - Speech or writing that departs from literal meaning
Brianne H. - How does the author use figurative language in the selection?

phrase - To express in words
Connor H. - What phrase did the author say at the end of the story?

definition - A statement of the meaning of a word
Trevor S. - What is the definition of the word steppe?

represents - To symbolize
Emily S. - What word represents how Laney feels in the selection?
Chris L. - What characteristic represents this class?

opinion - A personal view
Dimitri H. - What is Billy's opinion about Ohio State?
Molly V. - What is McKayla's opinion of Ashley?

priority - An established right to precedence
Brittany M. - What is the author's priority for writing A Las Vegas Mascot?
Emily S. - What is Jennie's priority in the selection?

benefit - An advantage
Emily S. - How do the readers benefit from this selection?
Evan K. (borrowed from Lion worksheet) How do lions benefit from hunting together?

method - means, manner, or procedure.
Scotty D. - How is John's method used in the article?
Emily S. - What kind of method did Jamie use?

i love to talk

passage -
Trevor S. - According to the passage, what did the box include?