I did not like the achievement test! It,s to quiet, no excitement or any thing. Mr. McGuire comes to Mrs. Griffey's room, He and She bring the excitement. Not this time. Mrs.Griffey brought in tests, nope. Not normal. They, (Achievement testers,) need to do a game like thing instead of "Measuring" our knowledge. Their lucky that y teachers are really nice. I did, although, get agitated and scribbled out a bunch of things, hay, I even ran out of things to say! THEY NEED TO DO HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES!!!!


That test we had to do was like a Benchmark test, but one story for only nine (9) questions on it! it was pretty cool. I even passed it. I am ready for the Ohio Achievement test. So bring it on! Yeah sure I'm going to get nervous about it, but Mr. McGuire said I have nothing to worry about. I mean I passed all the practice tests for the real Reading Achievement test.

Eragon was still fighting when the leader of the Kull / Urgal pack, Durza the Shade. Eragon decided to kill him this time. Sure Murtagh had gotten his arrow to go through to Durza's head but that didn't kill him it just entered the Shades for head. The only way to kill one is to Peirce his heart. Eragon finally got him in the heart with a special magic dwarf word, Brisingr, which meant fire.

Larger than Lara, the new book Mr.McGuire started to read to us, by Dandi Daley Mackall,is really awesome, in my opinion anyway. The story is about a 4th grade girl who is writing a book, named Laney. She used to have a mom, but she went away and I'll tell you why I think this. Laney's mom couldn't take her horrible father anymore!

Eragon was summoned by A Jihad the king of the Varden. Apparently, the Urgals had access to the under ground tunnels. Eragon, a healthy Arya, and Ajihads' daughter, Nasuada, and, get this, Murtagh was released to show whether he was going to be a threat to the Varden or not. Eragon had been relived to see Eragon's friend, Murtagh. Solembum had disappeared when word of the war with the Urgals was herd of. Usually he would come and lay with Saphira. Oh well, he was a boy/cat.(Were-Cat.) So far, Oric, who is fighting as well, and Arya, Nasuada, were the best war elves. Of course Nasuada didn't want to but didn't want to disappoint her father.

Eragon woke up and felt restless. He went to see Or. He wanted to ask him to take him the testing area. They were to elves who were twins. They were twins who had no name, so their name is, Twins.

Eragon had just woken up from a best nights sleep ever slept. Eragon felt like a sunny day, that is until he remembered about Murtagh. Eragon felt bad. Murtagh had been led to his prison by Eragon. It was all Eragon's fault. That's what he thought. Eragon had been saved by Murtagh when the Ra'zac hit, he rescued Eragon from the prison, and helped Eragon on their travels, and what does he get? Prison. No fair right? That's how Eragon felt, especially sad when there were to be ten soldiers guarding the windowless cell. Earlier in his travels, He met a fortune teller, Angela. First he saw a were- cat named, Solembum. Well that was a long time away. Eragon had also just woke again and saw Solembum at the mouth of the cave. He followed this fast cat to a room were he meowed and the door opened and closed when he walked in. Eragon was just about to knock, when the door opened for him. He walked in and who did he see...no one but Angela and Solembum.

Eragon had made it to the Varden. They were not at all what I expected, I don't think that Eragon thought they were like that either! There was a bald man (elf), who was very mean. There was another elf man, named Oric who had saved Eragon's life. Eragon was led in by the bald one. Murtagh was very uncomfortable. Eragon remembered the elf, Arya, Eragon started to tell the bald man that Arya was poisoned and needed help. The bald man said, that it would be best to be quiet. Eragon got frustrated and told him, but the stubborn elf cut him off telling him what ever it was, it would have to wait till later. Then the soon to be hero, Oric, shouted, "Are you blind Graz Carn? Then he went on explaining about the elf on Saphira's back. Then it / she was taken care of.

Eragon had made it through the first bunch of soldiers, then the deathly Shade came up and he and Eragon fought each other. What scared Eragon the most was that the swords were sharp, he had only practiced with swords that had been protected with magic. Eragon put his sword away and just threw arrow's at him. Eragon made a shot at his head and the arrow went threw the Shade's forehead. Then another group of soldiers came in! Eragon fought some and felt very weak and told Saphira that now is the time. Saphira tore the top of the roof off and stuck her head in and growled. Three soldiers ran, the others stood. Saphira and Eragon and Murtagh took care of the rest Eragon ran off on Saphira, along with Murtagh and the Elf.

Eragon escaped the kings prison. He hadn't eaten in days though he wanted to. The food was drugged, so he just threw the food out he window and hoped the homless doesn't eat it and nobody see's it. Eragon escaped by undoing the lock and escaping into the hallway. He contacted Saphira. She just told him that Murtagh was on his way with a plan and not to move. Eragon did as he was told until the soldiers saw him and came. Eragon told Saphira about this and she hurried up. Meanwhle, Eragon tld all the soldiers that he was a Rider. They showed a little bit of fright, but they stood on their ground. Eragon did what he thought he was supposed to do. Eragon shot an arrow and did a spell. Eragon was down to two soldiers when Murtagh showed up. Eragon watched as Murtagh shot one of them. Murtagh was just about to shoot the last one, but Eragon told him not to so he didn't. Instead he stood there just staring at Eragon as he talked, (mostly commanding,) but he said to the soldeir that if he didn't tell Eragon where his sword was at (Zar'rac,) and what cell the elf was in, he would put a spell on him that would make the soldier live in torture for the rest of his life. Eragon said he would put a peice of red glowing, smoking hot peice of sand in him. It would travel through him and die out when it fell out, which would be when he was a very old man.

Eragon was caught and taken to the kings cell's. Eragon was given food and water that was drugged, but he didn't know that yet. Eragon was waiting for food one day and he saw this girl. This girl is not just any girl though, this girl is the one he saw in his dreams! There were soldiers taking her somewhere. When her head fell over, Eragon noticed she was an elf. Her ears were pointed at the ends. Eragon was in love with her. When Eragon relized that the food was brought in, he poured the "water" in to his cup. Eragon was in mid drink when he smelled a foul smell. He then relized it was the water.Then he relized the misty color in the water. Then he started to throw his food and water/drug out the cell window and hoped the homless wouldn't find it and eat it. When Eragon was in his cell, he relized that a Shade was after him, he started to be alert. One day that Shade came into the cell! Eragon was terrified. The Shade looked at him in a way that terrified him. All he wanted was Eragon to tell him his name. Eragon did say "Eragon", but the Shade said the other name. (?) Eragon was confused.

Laney, the narrator of Larger Than Life Lara, is a lonely 4th grade girl. she has a lot of nasty comments that go through her head. But I can understand why. Laney's dad drinks sometimes and her terrible brothers are like an open banana left out for a whole 2 weeks. At least thats how her brothers treated her! If Laney's mom had not left, Laney would have) a better life. (Maybe.) Laney may have nasty thoughts but she still kept them to her self. (Except for writing it all in a book and turning it into a story.) I think she lies about how every thing goes on at the house because she knows what will happen if something goes wrong at the house an d so she doesn't want to get in trouble so she lies. Oh, she has three big brothers that are jerks, but thats what everyone says if they have any. I'v always wanted a big brother or sister, mostly sister. Anyway, these certian big brothers are very stupid jerks that if Laney had been older that revenge would take place instead of going up to her room thinking of ways to soften her dad up to let her try out for the schools play.

All of the sudden an arrow flew by, then tons. Eragons drug was just wearing out when Mortagh came. the Ra'zac had fled just like a few seconds ago before they fled The smallest Ra'zac kicked Eragon in the side. The biggest Ra'zac threw a knife at Eragon. All of the sudden, Brom put his self in front of Eragon right as the knife hit Brom. After the Ra'zac had fled, Mortagh had hown up and helped get everything together and everyone was free because Eragon had used a spell to help free everyone.Eragon and Saphira worked togeher to heal Brom. after Saphira flew everyone/thing to a cave, they all got doctored by Mortagh. Brom showed Eragon that he had an gewdy ignasia. Brom then died. Eragon found that Saphira was the name of his dragon that was killed many years ago. Brom said that life was nothing without his Saphira. they made a grave in the caves roof. Before they left Saphira gave him a gift that showed his face, and he will never look different ever!

Eragon was traveling with Brom when Brom decided to go back to the palace and find out some more information about the oil that burns your skin whenever it touches. Eragon came to this building that had an sign on on the door. it said: You must under stand that you will have to give up your life and best friend along with your most loved on if you walked into that room. Eragon was curious, as always.He went in. Eragon saw a giant alter. Then he saw the sharpened slab of rock. Then he heard a hissing sound behind him. When he turned he saw something that made him bubling mad. It was the Ra'zac. Eragon drew his bow and an arrow and was about to shoot, but changed his mind. He put every thing away and frantically looked for an escape but could not find one,so he ran to a door and used a spell to bust through a door and run from the Ra'zac. Then he and Brom flew and rode to a safe place, or so they thought it was safe. The first alert was right after Brom had said to be alert for the Ra'zac. Eragon thought he saw a little bit of movement out of the corner of his eye.then Saphira screamed in his mind. Then every thing went black and he was throbbing with........drugging pain. He awoke in the tent of the Ra'zac. Eragon was frightened but when he saw Brom was tied up with him. Eragon saw his sword, Zar'roc leaning against the tents wall. One of the Ra'zac picked it up and the other one came and showed a little horror in their faces.

The next day arrived, and Eragon found himself alone. Brom must have gone. And on the wall was a note written in charcoal. It said / read:
I will be gone until late tonight.Coins for food are under the mattress. Explore the city, enjoy yourself, but
stay unoticed!
Avoid the palace. Don't go anywhere without your bow! Keep it strung!"

Eragon erased it off the wall. He went and received the small pakage of money and his bow and arrows. and set off. He was on a mission. He found out a lot of information. He met with Brom at the Golden Globe (Their hotel)They shared the information they had learned. Brom had found out where everyones blood drinks come from. Slaves go somewhere and they're never seen again, just like the traveler who followed two slaves one time. Then Brom found out about the special Oil that eats the skin it touches! It's one tough Ma!Ma!

When Eragon found a hotel with Brom he was in tears because on his way, he saw people who seriously looked like a twig put together to make a person. He saw people crying and begging for money, at least enough to buy something to eat. Eragon wished he could give them something but he did not have a lot of money like Brom did. Eragon then put it aside and went into the hotel. After Brom paid to stay, they drank some beer. Now, Eragon only drank two cups of beer, while Brom drank more than three. When Eragon talked to Saphira, his head started to buzz. She had no pity for him. All she had to say was how bad it would hurt in the morning. Brom was asleep on the bed (more like a pile of junk covered up with a blanket,) and Eragon slept on the floor with a blanket and a pillow. In the morning, Eragon found out that Saphira was right, his head was throbbing with pain. Eragon was not sure weather to feel bad for Brom or not.

It had shifted from winter to spring. From cold and gray to warm and sunny. Eragon was able to take off his splint and enjoy the nice, cool lake with Saphira. since they were out behind the safty of the forest, Saphira took Eragon under the water on her back. Eragon was shoked at first and they went to the top so they cold go in a lot smoother than before. They stayed under for Quite a while untill Eragon's "lungs cried for air." Eragon was mad at himself for not being able to hold his breath any longer. Anyway, when they were done they decided to go to another place called, Dras-Leona. It is a terrible place. (That is T..E..R..R..I..B..L..E..!) Brom said that they worship their god, Helgrind. They do this by drinking humans blood, you have to make fleash offerings and they also belive the more bones and sinew you give up, the less you're attached to the mortle world. And if you say that it's cruel, your hand would be cut off and would be used as an offering. Weird.

Eragon woke up with a splint on and an angry Brom after him. Evedentaly, Eragon had been asleep for two days. Over the two days, Brom had been out fighting the Urgals and as he says "cleaning up *your mess!" (*=Eragon) Eragon tried to ask Saphira questions about why Brom would be angry at him for saving his life, bet she only said, talk to Brom about it. So Eragon did. Eragon found out that Brom had went out and fout the Urgals with Zar'roc. (Eragon's sword.) the reason why was because Eragon had just left the Urgals unconciouse, but did not kill them. When the Urgals awoke, they could have spread rumors about how Eragon is a disrespectfull ltittle brute. Eragon had been rude about the empire. But if the Ra'zac heard of this news, that would be the end of Brom the story teller and Eragon the last Rider in traning and alive. Citizens could also be told what Brom and Eragon look like and turn them in. That would also be the end for them. The only choise left was to kill he Urgals.

Now that Eragon had learned magic, he needed to learn when to use it. Eragon and Brom learned this the hard w! This is how they found out the hard way. Eragon was climbing a cliff, or a mountain, and he saw a pile of dried out leaves. Eragon thought these would be good to use for the camp fire. But it was a trap. When Eragon walked over to it, it fell out from under him and he fell into the trap that the Urgals had put together. Eragon grabed on to a branch. The branch snapped\broke and Eragon fell to his doom, or so he thought. He was forced to pull himself up and out untill his chest was above the ground. He heared a snap and then pain rushed up his arm. Saphira came and flew up high
so she wasn't seen and dropped Eragon off beside Brom and the two horses. Aperantly, he broke his wrist. Brom said he was very lucky and will have his arm back to health (What Brom ment was that he was going to build a splint and Eragon would have to where it.) Once Brom had told Eragon to split up, they had Brom with Snowfire and Cadoc. Eragon was on Saphira and that was that. Eragon was worried about Brom though. Eragon Told\forced Saphira to land. he did a spell and put them all unconciose. That was the Hard way.

Eragon traveled to Teirm with Brom. They were there to see one of Broms friends, Jeod.Of course,Jeod had gotten old. But thet didn't sto him from going up and huging Brom and crying. ( Sort-of) They did this because Eragon and Brom was wanting to go and kill the Ra'zac. But first, they had to track the Ra'zac down. Jeod had the information they needed. On the way, Eragon learned some magic. Eragon had learned magic because he was a rider that had found out his magic by accident. They were traveling through a place called Yazuac. It was weird how quiet, and..... empty. Then they came across a big pile of dead people on a blood soaked ground. the worst was a not-quite-new born-but-not-quite a one year old layed on the top. Eragon started to kind of cry when he saw this.The baby had a spear in it's little chest. (Now thats S..A..D.. SAD!) Brom noticed some freash Urgals tracks in the dirt. Brom and Eragon had to split up to not end up on top of that pile, along with the new dead body, a bird who was shot by Eragon because it was thinking about its lunch. (It had landed on the end of the spear.) There were two Urgals who were definetly NOT human and were enemies. one Urgal was in front of Eragon and one was behind him, with weapons. Eragon was mad. He suddenly got flash-backs of the baby, the Yauac, his uncle Garrow, and he was furious! ( I don't blame him, do you?)HE was so mad he Drew his bow 'n' arrow and felt a burst of energy. And when he shot it, right as it slipped out of his fingers, he shouted: "Brisinger!" His gedway idnaisa was glowing blue. When the arrow hit the laghing Urgal in the middle of it's forehead, it fell over and died, after a wave of faint blue light came from Eragon's arrow. When the wave passed the other Urgal, he fell over dead, to. (It didn't hurt Eragon though.) When Eragon left to find Brom, Eragon called to Saphira.Brom had a bad cut on his arm. Eragon put him on his horse Snowfire and led Cadoc with Snowfire to where Saphira had told him. there he tore Broms Jacket/ robe/ cloak off of him and tied a peice of it on Broms arm, after cleaning it off with a snow soaked peice. Eragon Started a fire to warm Brom up.

Eragon was learning more and more as he traveled with Brom. When they saw Saphira. She was really mad! She pinned Eragon down on the ground, terriffing Eragon, and surprising Brom. She was mad because she didn't like him riding on a deer- thing. (His horse.) It turned out that Saphira was worried about Eragon. Eragon was forced to promise to ride her the next day. The next day, he was flying in the air when she pulled his human mind away and told him to open his eyes. She was showing him what she saw. Eragon was frightened when he saw himself. He relized that she mostly saw a lot of blue. Brom taght Eragon to let people talk to him in his head, but when Brom tried to talk to Eragon, but all Eragon heared buzzing noises. He tried to block the annoying buzzing sound but his mind kind of slipped and he reliezed that Brom was calling him and Saphire down to check out what he found. He found some Ra'zac footprints and some dragon - take - off - footprints. When Eragon went find some clues, his foot hit something, hard. When he picked it up, he saw / found two important things:

1.) It had a Ra'zac sign onthe water flask, which is what he found,
2.) The clear water in it was really some magical oil that eats the flesh it touches.

3/18/09 The School Girl
One day, Dasia, wished she didn't go to school that one specific day. She was only 11 yrs. old! She ran her fingers through her silky dark brown hair nervously. Today was the big day! She thought. Her teacher, Mr. Kidswatter, was at a meeting. so they all had a substatute. This was no ordinary substitute though, this was Dasian's crazy, and hairy little midget uncle, Drat. ( Uncle Drattson.) "Hello you sweet looking apple pies! What we will be learning about today ii-is, dun dun dumdum! Spelling!" Mr. Drat said. He started to do the twist, and shook so hard, that he lost his balance and fell... on the principle, Mrs. McGuire. (She looks a lot like my male teacher, (Mr. McGuire. and she, or should I say, He,was wearing a brides looking gown!


Eragon is a 16 year old who lived in sadness. His mom had him,and left. Eragon was traveling to get revenge on the Ra'zac for killing his Uncle, Garrow. Eragon is traveling with an old, but wise storyteller. His name was Brom. Usually, Brom would not give out a bunch of information to Eragon. But when he found out that Eragon was a Rider, he told Eragon all about what he needed to know. Except, Brom Found out because of this: Broms ring got caught on Eragon's glove and his glove fell off, reveling his mark of the owner of a dragon! the mark is called, the Gedwey Ignasia.

What you read is a better movie, than what you see. If you read, you can imagine what you think they should look like. For example, when our class was watching 'Freak the Mighty', someone in my class said that no one looked like what they thought the characters should look like, especially Max and Kevin. This may not be true for every body, but when someone reads out loud, I remember more and even get a better picture than when I read to myself! The weird thing is, even though I read out loud to myself, it doesn't mean I remember it all like I do when some one reads to me!

2/09/09 Cause and Effect
A cause in my new book I just started, No More Dead Dogs is how when Wallys dad lies, the effect would be that Wally would tell the truth.(Example below,)

Cause: Wally said that Buzz Bolitskey he had the IQ of a Ring Ding
Effect: Buzz gave him a black eye

1/23/09 Jack and JillIcePretty Crimes.12/17/08 Major Problem-". The main character is Melody. Then if you flip it over, Melodys best friend, Marshall is the main character.They grew up on a plantation in 1861Melody and Marshall's has a problem and I mean It all started when Marshall teased Melody that he needed riding lessons. He teased her by saying that since she was with her aunt, she had to be obedient and keep her and dress clean12/15/08 Sharing Online Journal With ParentsWhen I was sharing my Online Journal with my parents, it was good because I found ways I could improve on my writing.We found alot of mistakes. My parents helped me fix them. We decided for me to do my journal at home. At first, I found out that I'm not going to get a good grade, but I'll improve. (I'll get an "A" the next time!) I'm going to try and get it all done in class, but whatever I don't get done in my journal, I'm going to get done at home. I will get all things done because I will try to use the tips I recieved from my parents. I bet that I will get an A on my report card because of having interesting thoughts. Working with my parents was also good because it tells about whats going on at school . Our parents like to know what's going on at school too!--12/ two eventsThere were many events in my new book, Earth to Matthew. Here are two events that had happened.(1)One event that happened in my book is a party. Matthew and his dad, (and others,) had built a play ground for a school and they named it after a woman whom everyone liked. Her name was, Mrs. Nicholes. Matthew was hogging the refreshment table, eating all the deserts.(2)Another event is when Mattew was going to a girl named Lizzie's birthday party with his girlfriend Jil!. Jil! changed the last letter "L" in her name to make her sound more interesting and exiting. When they arrived at the party,they partnered together and played a game where they had to work together to solve a mystery game of _The character in my book, SHREDDERMAN 2, is a boy named, Nolan. He is in the thgrade. Had also gotten a on a test and his most favorite Green had wrote "Shredding Job!" He was very exited because he doesn't know anyone who has done a "Shredding Job" before. Nolan had gotten exited so he felt "strong and powerful" all of the sudden! He has a website for "SHREEDERMAN." There is a bully at his school called Bubba, (his name is really Alvin Bixby.) So on Shredderman.com, Nolan picks on Bubba Bixby. He refers to himself as "the school hero".. It's really good so far if you like flying through the air, going to Hogswart, and meeting a godfather in prison! There are 7 books in the series. If you want to give one a shot the first one is called. I promise you will love these books for the second chapter. I really hope you follow my advice and try them out. If you need help finding the second or third book, I would be glad to help!! see you soon!!In my book, I made a prediction that a murderer, Buddy, was going to kill Amy in one of his crazy ways. I thought this because he was running after her on the beach. He has already fed Maria to the sharks, he's even beat Stuart to death with a club!Star SplitI learned Darci was borne with a disease called, stronichylimiaMany kids were borne with a disease.I'm reading the third book of theseries. It's called,At the beginnin, I wasn't When I kept reading though. But, the only thing think is bad about it is that I finished. I know you're are probably like, Well, yes it is good because I get another mission to accomplish, but if I want to read it again, it wont be as interesting!