A couple of boys create a false e-mail account using the information of a fellow student. They send e-mails love letters to a girl in their class. They then print the e-mails and display them at school. When they are confronted, they say we know you like her and are just trying to help you hook up.

A girl balances her food tray as she exits the lunch line. She moved to the area a few months ago and because she is very shy, she has not yet made many friends at school. As she tries to find her way to a seat, she realizes that most of the tables in the cafeteria are full. She shyly asks a group of girls if she can sit at their table, at which point one girl says another girl is sitting in that seat.

During lunch period a girl is making her way through the lunch line when a classmate approaches to ask her if they can cut in front of her place in line. The girl replies no, reasoning that it isn’t fair to the people behind her. Annoyed, her classmate walks to the back of the line. When she looks back she sees the group looking her way and laughing.

David is having a very bad day. His brother pushed him around at breakfast and none of the kids on his bus like him. He goes to class thinking no one likes him either. In school, David sits down at his desk and Johnny starts whispering and laughing. Another friend joins in and starts pointing and whispering as well. David notices the students pointing and laughing and he puts his head down on his desk.

Joey usually eats lunch with his friend John but today John was absent from school. So, Joey decides he will just find a seat at a table with someone from his class. He approaches a table with some students eating and attempts to sit down. One student tells him that he can’t sit there and that the seat is saved. Joey goes to another table and another student tells him they don’t want him there and to go away. Joey finds an empty table and eats lunch alone.

Sarah and a classmate are standing in the hallway in between classes. They begin to talk about another student. The student tells Rachel to spread a rumor about another classmate. Rachel explains she won’t spread the rumor because she knows it is not true and the other girl threatens Rachel that if she doesn’t spread the rumor, she’s going to start a rumor about her instead.

Christina is in sixth grade. Lately, her friend Maria has started hanging out with a new girl in the class, Justine. When Christina walks over to the two girls at recess, Maria and Justine will either pretend they can’t hear what Christina says to them, they ignore her, or they will run away laughing.

Steven got braces two weeks ago. Kate, a girl in his class, every time he smiles calls him Braceface and Metal Mouth. Steven doesn’t like to show his teeth anymore at school because he knows Kate will make jokes about it.

Brittany is having a Facebook chat with Torie. They are talking about the kids in their class and Brittany tells Torie that she has a crush on Ethan, the new boy in the class. The next day, Brittany discovers that Torie has copied their message and emailed it to all the kids in their grade, including Ethan.

Cheryl, Candace, and Alicia are friends and in 6th grade. Cheryl and Alicia live in a trailer park with their families. All three girls ride the school bus home in the afternoon. Amanda and Sarah, both 8th graders, also ride the same bus in the afternoon. During the fall, Amanda and Sarah start repeatedly calling Cheryl and Alicia “White trailer trash” and make fun of their clothes and belongings. One day, Candace, frustrated with the on-going treatment of her friends, shouts at Amanda and Sarah, “Why don’t you two stupid snobs shut up and leave Cheryl and Alicia alone!” Candace gets up and hits Amanda.

Edgar is in 4th grade and is much taller and heavier than most of his peers. However, because he has a tremendous sense of humor, he is very popular and well-liked by most of his peers. One day during recess, during a game of dodge ball, Edgar trips on the ball and falls down. Steven, a 5th grader, yells, “Look at the beached whale on the playground!” and Steven and the other 5th graders with him laugh. Edgar turns red but picks himself up and starts to get ready to play again. Several of Edgar’s friends get angry and tell Steven and his friends to “shut up.” A shouting match ensues until a teacher comes over to break it up.

Angela is a star track and soccer athlete at Jonestown Middle School. She grew up with three brothers and has always been very active in athletics since childhood. Angela has a very short haircut (because she got tired of dealing with washing her long hair everyday after sports when she was younger). She dresses casually, usually in jeans and t-shirts and she never wears dresses or make-up. Angela has many friends, both male and female, and is somewhat popular in school because she is such a good athlete. Nonetheless, while in the hallways at school, Angela sometimes hears comments made by other female students referring to Angela as a “boy” because she has a “butch” haircut and never wears dresses. Angela usually ignored these comments until one day, a cheerleader made a loud comment in the cafeteria about Angela being a “boy” playing on the girls’ soccer team. Furious, Angela walked up to the girl and slapped her.

A group of two or three girls have repeatedly coaxed Joan, a special education student who has a developmental disability, into performing acts that constitute a violation of the school’s discipline policy. Realizing that Joan would be unable to comprehend fully or consent to the activity, the girls told her that they would be her friends if she would do as they instructed her. These acts included taking something from another student’s backpack and vandalizing school property.

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