Freak the Mighty



Max is the main character and the writer of the book. Max is huge for his age. He is in the seventh grade, but he is bigger than most adults.


Kevin aka Freak is a handicapped kid who moves in next door to Max.
Kevin is like" a walking dictionary", he knows everything and can use his mind to get out of any situation. Kevin lives in his own little world with King Aurther and knights of the round table. They even go on quests. The quest may be anything from saving someone's purse in a sewer to visiting a research lab that reconstructs the human body into a robotic body if you are disabled.

Killer Kane

Killer Kane is Max's dad who went to prison for killing Max's mom.
He also kidnapped Max and tryed to take him, to where they could live life together.


Tony D


Grim is Max's grandpa.


Gram is Max's grandma.


The story takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio.


My Opinion about the Book

My opinion about is that it is a really good book, almost the best book I have ever read!