Welcome to the Writing Tips Page. Please throw out ideas that will help sixth grade writers!

1. Always think of the "So What?" before you start writing.

Everything you write should include:

1. Beginning or introduction
2. Body-facts or information
3. Ending or conclusion

We strive to write with expression and excitment so our audience will want to read what we write.
Therefore, we will not use:
Do not say, "She was writing a memoir."
Instead say,"She wrote a memoir."

Thoughts and feelings must carry more weight in your writing:

Thoughts & Feelings


Stuff ∆

To share your thoughts and feelings use these words:

I thought, It seemed, I wonder, I imagined, I dreamed, I loved, I considered, I believed, I felt, I hoped, I wished, I remembered, I decided.

Details to ask:

1. What kind?
6. How?

Combining sentences:

combine sentences to give your writing variety.

The dog ran away. She was a black labrador retriever.

The black labrador retriever ran away.

Use apostrophes to show possesion.

Her brother's cat climbed the tree.

Do not use apostrophes for is:

Wrong use:
The broccoli's green.

Letter Writing

First paragraph-Set the tone
Second paragraph-Info,facts
Third paragraph-Closing, request, message, ect.

A Sentence is...

1. A group of words
2. GIves information or tells something
3. Complete thought
4.Has two parts:
1.Who or what
2. Is doing or has done something
5. Starts with a capital and ends with punctuation

Beware of the evil pronouns. Destroy the nasty comprehension confusers.

Don't say, "It, she, he, they, we, us, ect." In each paragraph without first telling whom you are talking.

Wrong- It belonged to them.
Right- The treasure belonged to the evil pirate crew.

A and An

Use "A" before a consonant.
Use "An" before a vowel or silent consonant.

A car went by my house.
An apple fell off the tree.
An hour passed while we sang.
A horse ran down the road.